Christine was commissioned to make and paint a miniature wooden cabin stool for a younger member of the Nurser family, who have a historic connection with narrowboat construction and painting in Braunston.

As a child, Graham Nurser (grandson of Charles Nurser and great nephew of Frank Nurser) was given a small wooden cabin stool created and painted by his grandfather. In a continuation of the family tradition, Christine was asked to create and paint a similar cabin stool for Graham’s grand-daughter.

Recently, Graham visited Braunston to collect the cabin stool and is shown being presented with the finished article by Christine, alongside the plaque in Braunston Marina commemorating the long association with the Nurser family who owned and operated a boat building and painting business there until 1941.

Graham maintains a website with information about the Nurser family and their links to Braunston at

Graham commented – “We are very lucky to have someone who embodies the Braunston tradition so skilfully. Thank you Christine for your wonderful work. Always a pleasure to return home to Braunston. Never more so than this occasion. My grandfather Charles never did much painting on the boats but he was very capable. Mia’s stool sits proudly alongside mine prior to our trip to America.”

[Photo copyright Graham Nurser]

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