Christine at Tradline

Christine Wood

Christine is an accomplished cabinet maker, furniture restorer and traditional painter.

Attending Rycotewood College in 1983/1984 she was trained in fine craftsmanship and design in wood.

In 1985 she worked for a small business creating children’s toys and musical instruments in wood.

1986 saw her restoring early country antique furniture at the Swan Gallery in Burford.

By 1995/1996 Christine was working for Rex Wain at Brinklow Boat Services, fitting out traditional working narrowboats.

In 1997 she set up her own furniture restoration workshop mainly restoring early antique country furniture using all aspects of woodwork (covering marquetry, re-veneering, re-polishing, turning, steam-bending, narrowboat interior fitting and alterations).


Traditional Painting

Between 2006 and 2019, Christine was a Director of Rose Narrowboats allowing her to continue with narrowboat fitting, interior design and alterations to existing fit-outs.

From here, this developed into the art of colour-matched panelling and other narrowboat restoration work, ensuring that any new additions to boat interiors matched and looked like the original fit-out.

Inspired by the traditionally painted working narrowboats, particularly the work of Frank Nurser at Nurser Brothers Boatyard (the most outstanding canal artist of the 20th Century for beautiful composition and colour), Christine now specialises in traditional painted decoration, wood graining (also known as scumbling) and back cabin decoration.